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Experts in Human Resource Management, Occupational Health and Safety and Workplace Investigations

We work in partnership with business owners, managers and HR practitioners to support all of your HR needs.  Solutions are tailored to the individual requirements of the business and can range from small projects to ongoing engagements.

With decades of experience in all types of businesses, we’ve helped small business right up to to large enterprises. NFP’s, NGO’s, religious, education, retail, manufacturing, professional services, IT, automotive, you name it – we’ve probably worked in your field. Why not give us a call to hear our experience in your area and how we can support you with your individual needs.

Legal compliance and risk management form the basis of everything we do.  We will proactively discuss any potential areas of concern or risk to you business whilst we are engaged.

No gimmicks, no tricks, just straightforward practical solutions.

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  • Justin Stephens
    General Manager

    I have had the privilege of working with Organic HR since 2010. Throughout this time, I have engaged them as experienced and knowledgeable HR practitioners whilst working at a number of different organisations.

  • Travis Allen
    Managing Partner

    We had an internal dispute and Organic HR was excellent at guiding us through the process, putting us at ease, and giving very sound advice at all times. They are very dependable, returning calls quickly, and working to tight unpredictable time frames.

  • Tania Rice-Brading

    Having engaged the services of Organic HR, and in particular, Rachel Faris-Cornwell to resolve a recent workplace incident on behalf of a young client, I am delighted to write this testimonial. I cannot recommend Rachel, and Organic HR more highly, based upon this experience, the processes adopted along the way, and the outcome.

  • Dale Amtsberg
    General Manager

    Rachel and I worked together on several complex HR cases. She was diligent, professional and maintained excellent balance between employee and business needs.

  • Greg Ashmore
    General Manager

    We used Organic HR to assist our organisation to improve our compliance with all aspects of our employment and OHS policies. Organic HR’s work over several months was invaluable and highlighted a number of items we were not aware of and needed improvement.

  • Surette Southwood
    Executive Pastor

    Rachel Faris-Cornwell came highly recommended to us. I would work with Rachel again without any hesitation

  • Scott Conway
    Financial Controller

    Organic HR is our go to resource for practical, good value HR advice. Rachel has a good understanding of the church and not-for-profit sector, which makes her a valued partner for our business.

  • Jack Rumble
    Operations Pastor

    Rachel was attentive and quick to respond all through the process and I felt supported and could rely on her to be advising us in what we should do.

  • Zayne

    I would highly recommend Rachel. Rachel was very understanding and easy to talk too about my situation. Rachel was also very considerate and cared about my health and safety. Rachel made a tough situation easier would highly recommend.


  • March 7, 2020
    What is an ‘OFFICER’ under the was act definition?

    Definition of an “Officer” under he Work Health and Safety Act has been expanded to: “An officer of a PCBU is a person, such as a director or senior manager, who makes or participates in the decision-making

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  • March 7, 2020
    What is the real financial impact of an accident or injury?

    The actual cost of an injury or accident is usually much higher than you think! Most Companies do not use proper cost analysis techniques to identify loss as a result of workplace accidents and injuries.

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  • March 7, 2020
    Safe work australia releases information about stress costs

    Fascinating report released by Safe Work Australia today. “Mental Stress costs Aus businesses more than $10 billion per year” “More Professionals made claims for mental stress than other any other occupation

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  • March 7, 2020
    Serial Leave Takers

    ‘Serial leave takers’ are often one of the most challenging things for an employer to manage. Clause 10-2935 of the Fair Work Act “Additional provision relating to termination of employment” may be able to assist. It states……

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  • March 7, 2020
    Why you shouldn’t lie about your previous salary

    You’ve applied for a job and managed to score an interview. When asked what you are currently earning or what you are expecting for the new role, you fudge the figures by adding a bit …..

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